Staying true to the simple romantic beauty on set, STYLE.MASTER Wade Blackford created the primary look for Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore by drawing a sleek center part with hair tucked behind the ears and a soft bend at the nape of the neck.

As the shoot progressed, Wade let his model’s hair down and pumped up the volume for a sexy and tousled ‘doo. With just the right balance of movement and hold, model Hong Jisu’s mane played freely in the proverbial gust of wind that swept the set.

Photo credit: Yu Tsai
Hair: Wade Blackford, Anue Management using KEVIN.MURPHY
Hair Assistant: Jessica Cox
Stylist: Windy Aulia
Model: Hong Jisu, Nomad Management
Makeup: Nigel Stanislaus using YSL Beauté
Special Thanks: Yi Lian Ng

Add some seduction to your style with a classic glam look by Ashley Lynn Hall for Marie Claire Indonesia!


Photo credit: Dorit Thies for Marie Claire Indonesia Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall at Art Department LA using KEVIN.MURPHY Model: Amanda Mondale at Photogenics Makeup: Mynxii White

With festival season in full swing, festival-goers can break away from the usual flower crowns by creating a show-stopping look from a simple Dutch braid base.

To best achieve the look, wash with ANGEL. WASH and RINSE, then apply BODY.BUILDER to the roots and ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to the ends.

Photo credit: Ally Ingram
Stylist: Brittany Craig
Model: Stephanie Spurrier

SHAG.ME: How to Perfect the Modern Shag
Think Texture. Think Layers. Think the Ultimate Cool Girl Hair. 2016 is the year of the shag! The end goal when cutting a shag is that perfect balance of being effortlessly unkempt in a pulled together way, making it the perfect way for clients to transition from a long bob to something more modern.

How to Care for Beachy Hair
We can’t help but to love the changing of the seasons and another excuse to hit the beach, but there can be trouble in paradise when your locks are putting in some beachside overtime.

With a little extra care and a few goodies in your beach bag, 2016 can surely become the summer you fall in love with your hair. For example, using a gentle detangler, avoiding harsh towel drying, and protecting your hair from the elements all can help your hair stay healthy and strong.

Turn your clock to island time and let your curls come out to play! In this shoot for Marie Claire Australia, stylist Sarah Tamer worked her model’s natural tendrils into a sexy, tousled beach doo that plays up the hair’s texture.

When styling curly hair, it is important to be mindful of how you work with the coils. The finger-raking technique that may work well with straighter strands will cause curls to break apart and frizz! The best way to apply product for a smooth result for curly girls is to pull each section between your fingers, keeping the pieces intact.

Stylist: Sarah Tammer using KEVIN.MURPHY Photo credit: David Gubert for Marie Claire Australia

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