Palm Springs

2015 Editorial Shoot

Shot in a beautiful Palm Springs home in the middle of the desert, the juxtaposition of the luxurious home and hot desert landscape set the tone for the shoot. The inspiration was a curious blend of silhouettes from the 40s, textures of the 60s - all on haircuts from the 70s. The hair was very done and over-groomed then taken just a bit off kilter, almost like it was done the night before and slept on. Paired with extremely shiny, glamorous clothing - it created a unique look that clashed beautifully with the environment.

Photographer: Luis Murphy

Hair Director: Kevin Murphy

Hair Team: Tim Abney, Nathan
Gorman, Ali Batista,Sara Lund, Tim
McClean, Timothy Durant, Joseph
Gossen, Saskia Almansan, Selina>
Boon, Kashmir Asvaraksh, Alberto Ruiz.

Colour: Kate Reid

Stylist: Emily Ward

Makeup: Julius Eckensberger

Makeup Assistant: Tiffany Alexander

Elle Czech Republic
Hair by: Kevin Murphy
Photographer: Matúš Tóth
Models: Soňa and Natalie (Exit Models Management, Bratislava)